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Our goal: delivering in time and safely, so that each customer is fully satisfied.


100% Exclusive

This solution is addressing to customers who want a fast transport; goods will reach to the destination as soon as possible even if the space is partially charged.

monitorizare gps

GPS Monitoring

We use GPS monitoring solutions - DYNAFLEET / SCANIA FLEET MANAGEMENT / CARGOBULL TELEMATICS that allows us to program, to optimize and to control all trucks every moment both in terms of location as well as in terms of transport temperature control.


Custom Shipping

Because we treat every order with professionalism, we have solutions for every customer request.



Our team from the logistics department can be contacted 24 hours of 7 days by phone or via email.


Anywhere in Europe

We have favorable solutions for merchandise to be transported in any country within Europe.


2 truck drivers

We know how important is the time and for a fast delivery of goods, transport can be performed by a team of two drivers.



This service offers road transport solutions for goods that do not require special treatment.

Specifically, general merchandise covers a wide range of goods that can be transported from one point to another without the need for a specialized transport caused by the characteristics, properties, volume or weight.
It can be transported in standard vehicle - semitrailer truck with tarpaulin or bodied vans.



For perishable goods, we provide transportation with trucks equipped with refrigerators, ensuring freezing or a certain temperature, depending on the product, during transport. We offer transportation system BITEMP with two different controlled temperatures.

To ensure the quality of transport, temperature merchandise will be monitored from pick up to destination: we use only SCHMITZ CARGO BULL equipped with refrigerators THERMO KING and CARRIER: equipment that allows recording and monitoring the temperature all the way and monitoring them remotely.

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